I'm back!!!

After a brief hiatus, I realize my mind races if I don't write my thoughts down. Its called my "Mind Dump". And you all know that if you don't empty out time to time, things can get really backed up. So I promise a weekly excerpt, even if it doesn't make sense. But does anything in life make sense when push comes to shove?

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Ode to Me

Look inside
see who sits
waiting for light
building four walls
to protect, for safety
no light comes in
fortress fortified
feelings unjustified
shed light in each corner
open the window
soak in the rays
dissolve the barriers
enter at risk
face the door
turn the knob
too hot to touch
burn, burn, burn
to feel again
see who sits
with fire beneath
to feel again
this is my house
this is my life
Ode to me.