I'm back!!!

After a brief hiatus, I realize my mind races if I don't write my thoughts down. Its called my "Mind Dump". And you all know that if you don't empty out time to time, things can get really backed up. So I promise a weekly excerpt, even if it doesn't make sense. But does anything in life make sense when push comes to shove?

Monday, April 1, 2019

My Metamorphosis


I am writing in my blog after a personal hiatus of two years. Two years from hell. From hell and back, as the saying goes.

God doesn't give you a burden you cannot bear because His intent is for you to learn, grow and change.

It took me two years, but here I stand before you, flapping my wings.


Total burnout. Career, marriage, health. January 2017. You would not recognize me. I did not recognize me. Who am I? Why am I going through this?


I'm crawling. At least I am moving. Not knowing where I am going. But inching slowly. Sometimes forward. Sometimes backward. The key objective was to move.


They say a caterpillar turns to liquid before achieving the butterfly stage. I needed to let go of structure, limiting beliefs, and judgment. I let go of control. I became the water in the river that suddenly could flow freely, without a care and only with gratitude.


I am perched on a tree. Below me is the river. Some days it's calm and quiet. Other days, the river rages past me, with the wind and water slapping my face. But I am equipped for any day now. Because now I can fly. I flutter during the calm days and I soar above the turbulence. And I am grateful for the two years from hell.

This is my metamorphosis.